Rainkooto proposes a new way of seeing your journeys, by presenting upscale and technical wear, without sacrificing style.

Combining craft know-how and technical skills in the conception and production of its products, Rainkooto has created a resolutely different and novel collection of raincoats.


Our activity must help others; this has been our pledge since the creation of Rainkooto.

We thus redistribute 10% of our annual profit to various charitable organizations.

The organizations we support work towards making education and drinking water accessible in the most disadvantaged regions of our planet.


From the conception to the production of our raincoats, we are committed to reducing the ecological impact that our activity has on the environment.

In concrete terms, this is accomplished through:

  • the use of recycled paper in our offices
  • sorting our waste
  • supporting local producers/providers
  • Doing all of our shipping through a transporter whose activity is guaranteed to be carbon-neutral.